What is Health Insurance and its benefits?

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the insurance, that covers the medical expenses of an insured person. If a person is seriously ill and hospitalized for a long time, then, in this case, health insurance proves very useful and helpful. It is like the security of our future. Now, many persons have health insurance, because health issues are increasing day by day. Many types of new diseases will be discovered.

To survive from this loss, if the person has health insurance he can easily manage all these expenses. This also helps the family to pay the fees of the hospital and to save the life of their family member.

Benefits of Health Insurance:

  1. Covered Hospital Expenses:

The main benefit of having a health insurance is that it covers all the expenses that are arising i hospital during treatment of the person. This will help the patient and his family to cover the loss. Sometimes the expenses are so huge because the disease is too big, then this will help to reduce the burden.

2. Tax Benefits:

The another benefit of health insurance is that it also provides tax benefits to the insured person. The premium for the insurance is totally exempted from tax. So the person can also enjoyed tax benefits with other benefits. This exemption is made under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

3. Security of Future:

Health insurance is like a security of the future. If the person fell seriously ill, then he is hospitalized and the expenses are huge on the treatment. Then the insurance company will help in this. Health insurance is the surety of our future security.

4. Free Medical Checkup:

Not only for the treatments, company is also providing the facilities of free medical checkups. The person has the option to get free checkups and the checkup expenses are covered by the company. Now, most of the peoples have health insurance.

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5. Facility to afford best treatment:

If the person have health insurance, then he has the chance to get best treatment, no need to worry about payments. This will helps a lot in these type of situations, when there is so much need of cash for treatment.

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