What is Debit Card and Its Advantages

What is Debit Card

A debit card is a plastic payment card, which enables the customers to purchase directly from your account. It is like the credit card, but the money is immediately deducted from your bank account. The debit card helps the users to pay, these are used for many of the peoples.

In almost all over the world, debit cards are used, now in India, the use of debit cards is increasing day by day.

Advantages of Debit Card:

  1. Safety:

The payment through debit cards is safe and secure. Many security software is engaged in debit cards, for securing our transactions. Because of its security, its use is increasing, and now peoples lived in rural areas also start using debit cards.

2. Eliminate the use of cash:

You don’t have to carry cash with you, only use debit cards. The chances of theft are reduced, because of less use of paper cash. In this way, the debit card eliminates the use of cash.

3. Easy to Handle:

A debit card is easy to handle, it means it is easy to carry a debit card instead of carrying a lot of paper cash with you. You only need to pick up a debit card into your packets and get ready to make payments through debit cards.

4. Protection from Theft:

If you carry paper cash with you, then there are more chances of theft, but in the case of debit cards, these chances are reduced. If anyone can steal your debit card, then for you using he has to know about your pin card. In this way, your use of the debit cards is secure.

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5. Saves Time:

It saves our important time, it takes more time when we are paying through cash. Sometimes the amount is big, and it takes more time to handle it. Payment through debit card is safe and takes less time.

6. Work during an emergency:

A debit card works during an emergency, it allows you to easily payment from your bank account. If you can lose it, you can find it. The benefit of using a debit card is also that you have received notification for every single transaction. You can see a record of all your transactions.

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